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Computed tomography has come a long way in a short span of 30-40 years. From translational-rotational CT scanners to the use of slip rings, which made possible spiral and helical scanning, the field of CT is experiencing new refinements every day. With the advent of software systems, 3D images can be generated that enable a number of non-invasive virtual endoscopy procedures.Currently we are experiencing an explosion in CT technology. Innovative scanners, advanced applications and exciting breakthroughs in clinical procedures are driving an increased use of CT as a primary diagnostic tool for procedures such as colonography, cancer detection and staging,lung analysis, cardiac studies and radiotherapy planning.
Customer Testimonial
“Thank you so much for the Outstanding,no. ”remarkable“ care and services that was provided to me when i came in for several mammograms and two needle core biopsies. You respected my time, treated me with dignity and respect.Thanks to the entire team at The best medical care experience I’ve evel had!”
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